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Her relationships with her friends also begin to unravel as it becomes apparent that much of her decisions were more the result of being pressured by their wants and needs, whether it be by manipulations from Sasha or feeling responsible for Marcy's clumsiness. During the battle at Toad Tower, she finally sees through Sasha's manipulative tactics thanks to Sprig, who sees Anne for who she is: a kind and considerate person who is willing to protect her friends.[17] Throughout the show, Anne has also become more open-minded regarding her human friends, even after learning what Sasha and Marcy did, as she was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, knowing that while they made many mistakes, none of them truly wanted to cause her harm. This became even more evident after she had to leave them behind, vowing to find a way back to them, even after Marcy having just revealed her intentions about getting the girls to Amphibia.[37]

Girls Forever (71) mp4

Anne and the Plantars set out on a trip to Newtopia in order to find Anne's way home; but, after a battle with a gigantic alien vegetable beast, Anne's eyes started to shine.[10] During their path, they come across an abandoned factory and flee until it collapses; however, they are unaware that just before it collapsed, the factory produced a frog-like robot, which then pursues Anne and the Plantars.[44] Anne is reunited with Marcy, her other human companion, as she arrives at Newtopia.[54] During a mission to drive away a colony of giant bloodthirsty Barbari-Ants, Anne still believes Marcy needs defense, but Marcy proves to be self-sufficient (although Marcy is still a little clumsy).[54] After successfully completing their task, Anne tells Marcy about her battle with Sasha, and they both vow to work together not only to reunite with Sasha, but also to find a safe way home.[54] Although King Andrias seems to be a jovial and kindly monarch when the Plantars are introduced to them, he seems to be planning something concerning the human girls and the Calamity Box.[54]

Sasha and Grime are invited over for supper by Anne, Marcy, and the Plantars to bury the hatchet. While things appear to be going well at first, when prior disagreements are brought up, everyone becomes awkward with one another. Sasha loses control and lashes out at Anne and Marcy for attempting to alter her. Grime's cake transforms into a lethal challenge, forcing the girls to save everyone. After the struggle, Anne explains that she doesn't want her to change as much as she wants Sasha to see her change. Sasha agrees that Anne is no longer the shy girl she had to protect back on Earth, and the two reconcile before joining the rest of the group in devouring chocolate-covered hornets.[52]

The music box is brought to Newtopia by the three human girls, the Plantars, Grime, and Frobo. Sprig is disappointed that the journey is finished, but Anne reminds them that they can see each other whenever they want as long as they have the music box. As soon as Anne is ready to deliver the box over to Andrias, it is forcibly taken by Sasha and Grime, who reveal their plan to take over Newtopia by imprisoning the king and signaling the concealed toad warriors. Anne is enraged that Sasha has deceived her again, and she refuses to accompany her. Sasha orders Anne, Marcy, the Plantars, Frobo, and Lady Olivia to the dungeon when she fails to discover out how to utilize the box to bring Anne back to Earth. They are rescued by General Yunan while being taken down the corridor, and they reunite in Sal's old sandwich restaurant. The gang becomes despondent when Marcy warns them that the rest of the Toad army will arrive in less than an hour, but Anne inspires them to fight back and devises a strategy. Hop Pop, Marcy, and Olivia would free Andrias from the dungeon, while Polly, Yunan, and Frobo would attack the city's toads from the front. Meanwhile, Anne and Sprig would shut the gate, preventing the toad army from entering. Sasha arrives just as they shut the gate to tell Anne about the awful secret she had discovered about King Andrias, but Anne ignores her and the two fight. Sprig beats Grime by striking him with Barrel's Warhammer, while Anne defeats Sasha by putting her own cloak over her head.[12]

When Anne presented Andrias with the box, he informed everyone there about a period when his friends abandoned him, that the music box was taken from him, and that no one remembers what Amphibia was like 1,000 years ago, but now that he has it back, he will utilize its power to return Newtopia to greatness. Andrias then revealed that his ancestors were not explorers as he had previously said, but "glorious" conquerors as he placed the music box on a pedestal to power up his castle, allowing it to fly, and then he reactivated ancient factories across Amphibia, resulting in a mechanical frog-bot military force that swarmed the castle in seconds. Andrias then revealed, to to everyone's disbelief, that he intended to follow in his ancestors' footsteps by journeying to other worlds and conquering them, beginning with the human world Earth. When Anne and Sasha informed the king they would stop him, he decided to show off his might and warning to the human girls by destroying a toad tower with his castle's gigantic energy cannon. Anne laments her failure to listen to Sasha and see what was right in front of them. Marcy stood out, claiming that this was not part of the plan he had given her, only for the gigantic newt to acknowledge that he had been lying to her all along. When Anne with Sasha demanded what Marcy and Andrias were talking about, Marcy stated that Andrias promised to bring them to other planets/worlds so they could have endless 'adventures'; when Anne questioned as to why, Andrias informed everyone that Marcy deliberately stranded them in Amphibia, leaving both Anne and Sasha stunned. Marcy said she was aware of the Calamity Box's potential and claimed that her father had accepted a new job out of state and that her family was relocating; she intended to use the box to transport the three of them to a world where they would always be together. Marcy then tried to justify her actions by reminding them of their fun adventure, how Anne and Sasha have grown as people in Amphibia, and how Anne's friendship with Sprig is all because of her, only for Anne to back away in distress and disgust, leaving Marcy on her knees crying and saying she didn't want to be alone.[12]

Mother Olm realizes she must have thought the same and looks up at the most likely place she would have written such a thing. The ceiling. Sure enough, there it is. "Three stars burning bright come from beyond to expel the night. Should they fight or embrace the fall? Their choice will determine the fate of all." Sasha asking if her, Anne, and Marcy are the three stars. Mother Olm asks if they burn bright with the power of the stones, which we know that Anne does, though she can't control it. This implies that the other two, Sasha and Marcy, will eventually get their "cool anime powers" too, but since King Andrias has stolen the music box, he has stolen access to their powers, but since Anne still has some of her powers, she can restore the power to her friends. The olms believe the stones are meant for a greater purpose should be left alone, but others believe the stones should be used for conquest, and their arrogance and greed has created something unnatural that "does not sleep and will not die." She also says that the olms believe that three of them were summoned to help save the residents of Amphibia from what they've become, the worst version of themselves. Now that the human girls know they need to get to music box back from Andrias now more than ever they decide that Wartwood Resistance should find a lot more recruits so Sasha decide they should start by by joining forces with the Toad Army lead by Grime's sister Captain Beatrix. She was reluctant at first but they manage to convince her when Spig defeated her in a duel. With that the Resistance gained numerous mighty warriors to join their ranks. With that the resistance gained numerous mighty warriors to join their ranks. Thanks to Hop Pop, a former enemy Apothecary Gary was persuaded to join the resistance as well.[63]

Following their return to Amphibia, the Core, still trapped within the helmet, flies up into space and attaches itself to a pod located up on the moon. It then proceeds to activate it and turns on hidden thrusters; causing it to fly towards Amphibia. As everyone looks up, Andrias reveals that the Core made a base up on the moon as a final gambit to destroy all life as it is afraid of being irrelevant. Mother Olm arrives to inform everyone about the prophecy; revealing that it is not a prediction, but rather a request that the three girls, Anne, Sasha and Marcy, help save Amphibia from destruction. However, this would result in the total depletion of the gem energy and possibly trap them in Amphibia forever. The girls nevertheless agree for one final adventure.[24]

Before leaving, Mother Olm tells Anne that there may still not be enough energy to defeat the Core and that she would need to use a "secret spell" in order to defeat it. This spell can only be wielded by one and could result in their death. She tells her that she "have only but to ask" when it comes time to use it. Anne runs into the castle and is surprised by the appearance of Valeriana who has all three gems in the music box. Using her abilities, the gem powers are charged into the girls who are now all empowered enough to fly and exert energy. They all fly into space where they proceed to destroy numerous robots and monsters sent out by the Core and try to push back the moon.[24]

Anne awakens back in Amphibia and reunites with her friends who are overjoyed to see her alive. She also discovers that the Guardian left her with three tiny gem shards, which are only enough for the trip back home. The next day, Anne finally says goodbye to the Plantars, especially Sprig, with whom she leaves her cellphone to help with future adventures. As Valeriana opens the portal back to Earth, Anne has one final hug with Sprig before she follows Sasha and Marcy through the portal, leaving Amphibia forever.[24] 041b061a72


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