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What You Need to Know About the OPQ32 Personality Assessment

the final result of a personality questionnaire is a profile which highlights the key personality traits and competencies the employer is seeking, and why they believe this candidate would be a good fit for the role. the personality questionnaire may be completed when a candidate first applies for a role, or after they have been in the job for some time and are looking to advance their role. it may be taken over the phone or in person at an assessment centre.

Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32).pdf

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2. help the company: if you are an experienced candidate or in a graduate scheme, you will have been through several assessments already and have a very good understanding of what the company is looking for. your personality questionnaires will act as a form of self-assessment, allowing you to understand how you would behave in a role, and how you would interact with others in a role. you may be applying to work in a new industry or a new role, for example, and this assessment will give the interviewer and manager a real indication of how you will behave in a new role.

3. get an idea of the type of roles: a personality questionnaire is an effective method for getting an idea of the type of roles you are interested in, as it allows you to display your personality traits and competencies in a role, and to get a better understanding of the type of roles you are looking to perform in. additionally, a personality questionnaire allows you to identify the types of behaviours which are valued in a role and by extension, a company.

your personality questionnaire will contain several questions, and you will be able to choose your response to each question. you may be able to select from five options or there may be more options available, depending on the nature of the question.


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