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Abacom SPlan 7.0 (Full) Instrumental Redempt

Abacom SPlan 7.0 (Full) Instrumental Redempt

Abacom SPlan 7.0 (Full) is a powerful and easy-to-use software for designing and simulating electronic circuits. It allows you to create schematic diagrams, PCB layouts, component lists, and more. But did you know that you can also use it for instrumental redempt?

Instrumental redempt is a technique that involves using electronic instruments to create music that expresses redemption, forgiveness, or healing. It can be used for personal or spiritual purposes, or as a form of art or therapy. In this article, we will show you how to use Abacom SPlan 7.0 (Full) to create your own instrumental redempt tracks.

Download File:

Step 1: Install Abacom SPlan 7.0 (Full)

To use Abacom SPlan 7.0 (Full), you need to download and install it on your computer. You can get it from the official website of Abacom, or from other trusted sources. Make sure you have a valid license key to activate the full version of the software.

Step 2: Choose Your Components

Abacom SPlan 7.0 (Full) has a library of over 4000 components that you can use to build your circuits. You can choose from resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes, LEDs, switches, potentiometers, speakers, microphones, and more. You can also import your own components or create custom ones.

To create instrumental redempt tracks, you will need some components that can generate and modify sound signals, such as oscillators, filters, amplifiers, mixers, and effects. You can also use sensors, buttons, knobs, or sliders to control the parameters of your sound.

Step 3: Draw Your Circuit

Once you have chosen your components, you can start drawing your circuit on the schematic editor of Abacom SPlan 7.0 (Full). You can use the toolbar to select and place components, and the mouse to draw wires and connections. You can also use the grid and snap functions to align your components neatly.

You can design your circuit according to your own preferences and creativity. You can make it simple or complex, linear or nonlinear, analog or digital. You can also use subcircuits or macros to organize your circuit into modules or functions.

Step 4: Simulate Your Circuit

After drawing your circuit, you can simulate it on the simulation mode of Abacom SPlan 7.0 (Full). You can use the play button to start and stop the simulation, and the pause button to pause and resume it. You can also use the slider to adjust the simulation speed.

You can monitor the behavior of your circuit using various tools such as voltmeters, ammeters, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, frequency counters, and more. You can also use probes to measure the voltage or current at any point of your circuit.

You can listen to the sound output of your circuit using speakers or headphones connected to your computer's audio output jack.

Step 5: Record Your Track

If you are satisfied with the sound of your circuit, you can record it using a software such as Audacity or Sound Forge. You can also edit your track using various tools such as cut, copy, paste, trim, fade in/out, normalize, equalize, compress, reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, and more.

You can save your track as an MP3 or WAV file and share it with others online or offline.

Examples of Instrumental Redempt Tracks

Here are some examples of instrumental redempt tracks created by other users using Abacom SPlan 7.0 (Full):

  • : This track uses a sine wave oscillator modulated by a low-frequency oscillator to create a soothing tone that represents forgiveness.

  • : This track uses a sawtooth wave oscillator filtered by a low-pass filter and amplified by an envelope generator to create a pulsating sound that represents healing.

  • : This track uses a square wave oscillator mixed with a white noise generator and distorted by a diode clipper to create a harsh sound that represents redemption.


Abacom SPlan 7.0 (Full) is a versatile software that can be used for various purposes, including instrumental redempt. By using the software, you can create your own electronic circuits that generate and manipulate sound signals, and use them to create music that expresses your emotions and feelings. You can also share your tracks with others and listen to their tracks as well. Instrumental redempt is a fun and creative way to use Abacom SPlan 7.0 (Full) and explore the possibilities of electronic music.



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