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House Of Wax REPACK

The nearby town seems stuck in a time warp from the 1960s. "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" is playing at the cinema. Yes, and for that matter, what happened to everybody else? No citizens prowl the streets, although some seem to be attending a funeral. Carly and Wade are attracted to a mysterious House of Wax that dominates the town much as the Bates home towered above "Psycho." Wade scratches a wall of the house and says, "It is wax -- literally!" This is either an omen, or the homeowners were victimized by siding salesmen. Had Wade and Carly only seen the 1953 Vincent Price thriller, they might have saved themselves, but no. They haven't even seen "Scream" and don't know they're in a horror movie.

House Of Wax


Based on the panoptica touring attractions of the late 1800s, House of Wax exhibits a chilling selection of waxwork objects including life-size displays of anatomy, pathology, anthropology, and death masks of famous (and infamous) characters. A wholly unique spot to meet your friends before or after the movies at Alamo Drafthouse.

But the PG-rated Tourist Trap used creative creepiness more than mere gore, and gave its horror meaning with pitiable tragedy. Within the same framework, Wax is just a dark adventure splattered with R-rated extremes. A cat-and-mouse game sparked by sudden savagery, it's really a house of whacks. 041b061a72


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