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Trailer And Abilities Of The Hero Crunch In MOB...

Shinbi is a bit of a change from previous heroes - she had a music video to reveal her addition to the game - and she likes to summon spirit wolves to help her do her dirty work as an assassin and ganker. Her abilities include:

Trailer and abilities of the hero Crunch in MOB...

The player controls individual heroes representative of each faction, each of whom act as avatars in alternating exploration and battle phases, growing in experience and obtaining new abilities as the game progresses.[5] The game's producers described battles as the center of the game, and these battles are turn-based.[citation needed] Battles take place using two separate grids of troops, with enemy troops being shown on the top screen, while friendly troops are shown on the bottom screen. Each turn, players have a number of moves (generally three) with which to move individual units around on the grid (battlefield) in an effort to stack similarly colored units vertically. When the correct number of units of the same color are stacked, the units begin charging for an attack which will execute some number of turns later. If the charging units are not destroyed prior to the beginning of their attack, the attack launches vertically towards the opponent's army, interacting with any enemy units which are in the way, and possibly striking the enemy leader or hero as well.

Equippable artifacts, some returning from Heroes V, are also involved in gameplay; these modify troop or hero abilities during combat.[citation needed] Lastly, a multiplayer mode is also included, featuring two playable heroes in DS Download Play mode, and all ten heroes in DS Wireless Play mode.[9]

Long after the events of Garden Warfare during the long, crazy war between Plants and Zombies, the Zombies have finally conquered Suburbia and renamed it Zomburbia. Now, for the first time in the series, the Plants are on the attack, and it is the Zombies' turn to defend their newly claimed homeland. Six all-new heroes join the battle with brand new abilities, from the past, present, and future.

The gameplay in Clash of Heroes is akin to its predecessor Critter Crunch, borrowing elements from the Heroes of Might and Magic series. Battles are turn-based, and consist of one-on-one strategic combat. Each turn, players receive a number of moves (generally three) to transport individual troops around the grid in an effort to stack similarly coloured units vertically or horizontally. When the correct number of units of the same colour are stacked vertically, the units enter a charge phase of multiple turns during which they gather Attack Power. When this phase is complete, they execute an attack, vertically traversing the battlefield; enemy units in their path reduce their total Attack Power as the attack proceeds. If the attacking unit has Attack Power remaining upon destroying all defending troops in their path, they strike the enemy hero, subtracting their HP. The goal of a battle is to reduce the enemy hero's HP to zero. As certain heroes sustain or inflict damage, their spell meter fills. When the meter is filled completely, they can launch a hero spell, each of which has an individual effect. Each type of unit possesses unique qualities and abilities, allowing for enhanced strategic depth.

The trailer left me hungry for more, so I'm glad there is this much additional info (here and on the Steam page). The delay was expected, so I'm not gonna pretend I'm annoyed by it, plus of course noone wants a botched release, let alone devs to suffer from crunch. 041b061a72


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