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{Edgewater Discography - 4 Albums}

Edgewater Discography - 4 albums

Edgewater was a rock band from Dallas, Texas that formed in 1997 and disbanded in 2009. They released four albums in their career, each with a different style and sound. Here is a brief overview of their discography.


Edgewater (1999)

Their self-titled debut album was released independently in July 1999. It featured 11 tracks of raw and energetic rock music, influenced by bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden. The album showcased the band's versatility, from the grunge-inspired "Eyes of Pain" to the acoustic ballad "Sweet Suffocation". The album also introduced the band's signature dual-guitar sound, with Matt Moseman on vocals and rhythm guitar, Justin Middleton on lead guitar, Adam Leydig on guitar, Cameron Woolf on bass, and Jeremy Rees on drums.

Lifter (2001)

The band's second album, Lifter, was released in 2001 and marked a shift in their musical direction. The album was more polished and melodic than their debut, with elements of pop, alternative, and metal. The album featured 12 tracks, including the singles "Down Communication" and "Circus". The album also featured guest appearances by Drowning Pool's Dave Williams and Sevendust's Clint Lowery. The album received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, and helped the band gain more exposure and popularity.

South of Sideways (2004)

The band's third album, South of Sideways, was their major label debut, released by Wind-up Records in April 2004. The album was their most successful and mainstream release, reaching number 129 on the Billboard 200 chart. The album featured 11 tracks, including the hit single "Eyes Wired Shut", which was featured on the soundtrack for the movie The Punisher. The album also included the songs "Inhale", "Engage", and "Break Me Out". The album showcased the band's mature and refined sound, blending hard rock, nu metal, and post-grunge. The band toured extensively in support of the album, sharing the stage with bands like Finger Eleven, Three Days Grace, Seether, Default, and Alter Bridge.

We're Not Robots... (2006)

The band's fourth and final album, We're Not Robots..., was released independently in August 2006 through Forevergreen Records. The album was a return to their roots, featuring 10 tracks of raw and aggressive rock music. The album included the singles "Caught in the Moment" and "Appreciate". The album also featured a cover of Alice in Chains' "Would?". The album received mixed reviews from critics and fans, some praising it for its honesty and intensity, others criticizing it for its lack of originality and innovation.


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