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Galaktion Volkov
Galaktion Volkov

TOP\\\\ Mdt 6 Crackl [UPDATED]

When we move our head and neck, the facet joints glide and slide over one another. As the lubrication begins to wear away and decrease over time, the surfaces of the facets can rub or grind over each other, creating a cracking sound. The neck movement often is associated with a crackling neck crack or grinding sensation. While the cracking noise or sensation can be unnerving, as long as there is no pain associated with the crackling, then it should be no cause for significant concern.

TOP\\\\ Mdt 6 Crackl

Another sign that you should descend immediately from a mountain is if you start to feel, hear, or see static or any crackling noises. This could include the hair raising on your skin, the feeling of static, or buzzing/cracking noises in the rocks around you. If you experience this spooky sensation, then you need to start descending quickly and immediately.


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