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The House Without A Christmas Tree Subtitles Greek _BEST_

At the Waldorf building, Blair and Eleanor get in the elevator to go up to the penthouse. Blair vents about how Harold went to the ER with Roman instead of going to tea at The Carlyle with her, and that she doesn't understand how Roman stole Harold from their family but comes off so innocent. Eleanor scoffs that Roman wasn't so always so innocent, as he was once infatuated with another model named Freddy, who was a horrible scoundrel. She advises Blair not to ever bring up Freddy to Harold, as it is a sore subject with him. At the loft, Rufus returns home and tells Alison that he went and saw Alex for her. She admits to talking with him because he felt she owed him an explanation and that she didn't tell Rufus because there was nothing to tell. They talk about how other people aren't the problem with their relationship and that they changed as people. Meanwhile, Jenny helps Dan search online for a gift for Serena. She remarks that he needs to find her an extra special gift to make up for her Christmas, since she's living in a hotel and can't even have a tree. At the Waldorf's, Blair leaves Chuck a voicemail to ask him not to tell anyone about what they did. As she hangs up, Serena comes into the room and Blair says she needs her to sign into her old profile on a modeling agency site. She is able to log in and Blair is able to find Freddy's contact information. Serena confesses that the stores are all closing and she has yet to find the perfect gift for Dan so she's really stressing. Blair gives her a few ideas before calling Freddy. Afterwards, Serena returns to Vanessa's work and asks for help. Vanessa agrees to help, saying that Dan isn't really into things so she gets that finding a gift would be hard. Serena mentions that the only thing he really wants is snow for Christmas and she says she can't give him that. Vanessa asks if she's sure and they go off together.

The House Without a Christmas Tree subtitles Greek


Elsewhere, Dan and Jenny work together to carry a Christmas tree to The Palace to leave in the VDW's suite. Jenny wonders what Rufus and Alison are giving each other for Christmas and Dan admits that he thinks there's a real possibility that they might split up. Jenny blames herself for bringing Alison back but Dan assures her that she did the right thing. Back at the Waldorf's, Eleanor talks with Jack until she sees Freddy enter the penthouse. She excuses herself and demands to know why Freddy is there. He says that Roman invited him but Roman hobbles over and denies doing so. Harold also approaches and is shocked that Roman would contact Freddy within a few days of being back in New York. However, Eleanor quickly figures out that Blair invited Freddy, not Roman, and offers him the featured model position in her spring catalogue if he tells the truth. He admits that Blair said she would buy him a cruise and renew his gym membership so long as he came and said Roman invited him. Eleanor tells him that he will be featured in her catalogue when hell freezes over before asking him to leave, which he does. Once he's gone, Harold says he's shocked Blair would do something like that to Roman; who has only been kind to her. Eleanor explains that Blair is lashing out at him, not Roman, since she was so disappointed that he didn't come alone. At The Palace, Dan and Jenny try to figure out a way to sneak the tree into the hotel but are interrupted by Lily's arrival. She realizes what they're trying to do and suggests that Bobby, the security guard at the service entrance, could probably be bought to let them take it up; and asks them to follow her. At the gallery, Serena excitedly tells Vanessa that she texted Dan and he replied that he's on his way. Vanessa goes to leave but Serena asks her to stay to see his reaction. However, Vanessa insists that she has to go but wishes tells her to enjoy her night. Back at the Waldorf's, Harold comes in to tells Blair goodbye before he and Roman go back to Paris. Blair admits that she was going to convince him to stay in New York but she is now scared that there's no room in his life for her anymore. Harold promises her that he will always have room for her no matter what, and shows her a DVD; which is part of her gift. They watch it together, and Blair sees it's filled with photos of his new chateau. He points out the photo of her room, which he had decorated in her taste. She also sees a cat, which Harold explains is named Cat, like in Breakfast at Tiffany's, her favorite movie. Finally, he invites her to spend the whole summer in France with them. At the gallery, Dan arrives to find a 3D simulation of snow. He says he loves it and gives Serena her gift, which is a copy of his story 10.08.05. She asks what happened on that day, and he reveals it's about the day he met her.

The next morning at the gallery, Dan and Serena wake up to real snow falling outside. He admits it's the best Christmas ever and they get ready to go home. At the Waldorf's, Eleanor is in the middle of escorting Jack out after spending the night together but is surprised when Harold and Roman come out of the elevator. Harold explains that their flight was cancelled due to the snow but that they have a hotel room. However, Eleanor tells them that they can stay at the penthouse, which they accept. Blair then comes downstairs and warmly tells Roman that she is in for a treat because Waldorf Christmases are like no other. At The Palace, Serena arrives home to find the tree inside the suite. She smiles as she realizes that was Dan's gift. At the loft, Dan enters to find Rufus making waffle batter. He explains how the tree delivery went but that Lily helped them a lot. Rufus says that he thought Dan mentioned she was out of the country, but Dan confusedly says that she, Serena, and Eric are going to see The Nutcracker the next day, so she isn't. Jenny and Alison come out to the kitchen and Rufus says that after they open presents, he needs to go to the gallery for a while. Alison suggests that while he's gone, they can drink hot cocoa and watch a movie, and maybe go for a walk later. Back at the Waldorf's, Blair, Eleanor, Harold, Roman, and Dorota open gifts together. Blair is surprised with a beautiful coat and she gives Dorota a BlackBerry so they can text. Back at the loft, Rufus is gone and Jenny asks Alison if she's going back to Hudson. Alison confesses that she is but that they're all going to be okay regardless. At The Palace, Bart joins Lily, Serena, and Eric for present opening. He tells Serena and Eric that he has deep feeling for Lily just as her phone starts ringing. Lily goes to answer it but Bart says she won't want to interrupt the moment. He then gets on one knee and proposes to her. Meanwhile, Rufus is standing outside the hotel and leaves Lily a voicemail, saying that Alison is leaving and he misses her. Back at the Waldorf's, Blair receives a text from Chuck in response to her plea. He asks who he would tell, and attaches a photo of him and Nate in Monaco.

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Keep in mind that this division is only indicative and that you can always choose to watch a movie with or without subtitles (in Italian or in your native language) to make it easier or more challenging, depending on your needs.

After watching these shows, I hope they will inspire your next visit to the Bel Paese. After all, since the beginning, Italian film productions have been focused on showing the architectural beauty of Italy: the earliest Italian productions were mainly characterized by a few historical documentaries about emperors, popes and famous Italian rulers or simple views of city squares and streets. But the heyday of Italian cinema emerged from the ashes after World War II with Neorealism and, later, with art-house cinema and Italian-style comedy. In short, there is a long tradition to be explored and discovered, while also improving your Italian language skills. 041b061a72


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