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Sims 3 Monte Vista Serial Code

The 16-number serial code is invalid. It won't work when I try to redeem the code via Origin OR the Sims 3 website. Also the CD won't work either. It does not ask to put the serial number or anything. I am very frustrated by this. It seems like it is something wrong with the serial code and the CD... Please help!

sims 3 monte vista serial code


I am currently experiencing the same problem. I purchased Sims Monte Vista via Origin and have tried to enter the code on the sims 3 website via redeem a code option, like the email said. The website is telling me my code in incorrect, even though i am copying it off of the email origin have just sent me.

I just bouight the $10 world pack from origin that has monte vista in it. the hidden springs code worked, but the chocolate fountain and the monte vista codes both do the same for me with the invaild code.. so upsetting

did you redeem the cod ein orign first ? tha can make the code invalid try redeem the code in your the sims 3 account instructions in the guide how to redeem and or log into your sims 3 purchase history to see if the world is there to download it then install it

dragon valley is a world the code is 16 digits long you redeem that code on your the sims 3 account then download and install the world from your the sims 3 purchase history you will once the world is downloaded and installed find the world to play in in the main menu + new game you will still play from whatever game you normally play from there will be no launcher icon nor desktop shortcut icon nor will the world be in your origin my games tab as it is sims 3 store item DLC


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