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Order a Tell-a-rose

Send a voice message through a rose!


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  • Q:What's the time & place for delivery?

  • A:We ship anywhere in the USA

  • The delivery time is for local deliveries in Tallahassee Fl

  • Q:Is the flower real?

  • A:The flower is a preserved gold rose

  • Q:How long can the voice message be?

  • A:The voice message can be up to 60 seconds, we suggest you record your voice in a quite setting and speak clear with a full voice.

  • Q:Does the message last forever?

  • A:The voice message will last permanently, eventually the battery will die, however when you replace the battery the message will continue to play. 

  • Q:How big is the rose box?

  • A:The rose box is 2 feet long.

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